About our charity

Whilst coronavirus has impacted many people, vulnerable families and children have felt the impact more than most. Especially those with already complex issues like un-employments, financial distress, addiction, domestic abuse and poor health and housing.

Since lockdown began, many existing support services for these vulnerable people have either stopped or been significantly disrupted. In response, our network of Family Entrepreneurs (people living within communities who have themselves experienced and got through these types of issues) have been at the forefront of filling this gap. They’ve been offering the following services, designed to help prevent these families from falling into deeper crisis:

  • Cooking nutritious meals for thousands of families
  • Keeping in touch with families (sometimes daily) to offer advice, coping strategies or just a listening ear
  • Providing learning activities and educational resources for children
  • Carrying out essential welfare and safeguarding checks to keep everyone safe during this tense and anxious time.

Vicki Stone, coronavirus face mask

We need your help – help us make charity masks

With the UK Government now advising the use of face masks to help tackle coronavirus, we’re working with our network of volunteers to make and sell charity masks, raising money for these vital services.

Making masks at home is very straightforward. You’ll need a sewing machine (or be pretty good with a needle and thread), recycled cotton (e.g. clean clothing and bedding) and elastic/ties. Whether you can make 10 or 100, every mask will help.

Interested in helping? Find out how to get started by visiting our Facebook group!

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