After falling pregnant as a teenager, Hannah left school with no qualifications. Her confidence hit rock bottom when her daughter was born as she lost a lot of her school friends.

“I was a child holding my own child, just all of a sudden – a mother.”

Hannah and her baby lived with her mother for a while, before Hannah decided to do a hair course with a training provider in Benton. After a year, she no longer had childcare for her little girl, so she had to leave the course.

Hannah moved out in 2017 and set-up a home with her daughter. She realised make-up was her passion and began to pursue her interest.

Hannah Kenny makeup

We’ve been supporting Hannah through our Looked After Care Prevention programme, dedicated to helping families where there’s a Child in Need or a Child Protection plan in place. The aim is to prevent the child going into care. Our Barefoot Professional support gives parents the opportunity and guidance to change and improve their situation. Social services are no longer involved with the Kenny family.

Our Family Entrepreneurs have also supported Hannah with financial worries and debt. We were fortunate enough to be able to give her daughter Christmas gifts thanks to the generosity of our corporate sponsors and the fantastic individuals bringing donations to Howdon Hub.

Hannah also received our help for feelings of isolation, loneliness and depression. She’s experienced some very hard times and many setbacks, but realised make-up was her passion and has just achieved an International Qualification with Rose Gold Training Academy.

“In the future I want to potentially have my own YouTube channel, like my partner. I’d love to do a vlog with make-up hauls, tutorials and bloopers. I want to show that professionals can make mistakes too!”

Alongside Family Entrepreneur support, our Enterprise Manager is supporting Hannah to map and build her business, develop a plan, work on how we can support her, reviewing her marketing, how to do market research, developing her PR and supporting her around pricing and billing.

“I want to inspire people to push themselves forward. Anyone can achieve what they want to achieve, you’ve just got to push yourself to do it.”

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