Family Gateway calls for charity donations as stats show that poverty in the North-East is on the rise.

1 in 4 children are reportedly living in poverty in Britain, and a recent report published by the Institute of Fiscal Studies suggest that things are only going to get worse. The Think Tank estimates that 5.2 million children in the UK could be living in poverty by 2021.

The North-East is one of the hardest hit areas with an estimated 28% of children in the region currently living in poverty, that’s over 132,000 children.

Local families are struggling to pay for the most basic items, such as food or clothing. In fact between April and September 2017, 151 three-day emergency food supplies were distributed by food banks to families in the North East, including Tyneside, Tyne & Wear.

Families are living on the breadline and the need for Tyneside, Northumberland and Newcastle charities to step in and provide vital support is stronger than ever.

Charitable Organisations Tackling Poverty

Family Gateway relies on supporters to help us to make a difference to local children and families in need.

We work with children and families in North and South Tyneside , and Northumberland, who are struggling with issues such as debt, unemployment, poor housing conditions and addiction. Every day we see first-hand the children in our own community whose life chances are severely impact because of a terrible cycle of disadvantage, isolation and poverty.

Family Gateway is a charity with a big heart which works to break this cycle and provide help to those who need it most.

Our unique model relies on neighbours helping neighbours.

We train and recruit people from the local community, who with our help have themselves overcome poverty. Beneficiaries become Family Gateway Support Workers and go on to help other hard-to-reach families and use their experiences to help them to carve pathways out of debt, into employment, and overcome the challenges they face to provide a better future for the family.

How We’ve Helped

It’s been a busy year for Family Gateway, and supporters who gave to our charity have helped us to make a big impact to families in the North East of England.

In 2017:

• We’ve employed 11 people who were previously supported by Family Gateway and now are trained to help others in North and South Tyneside and Northumberland

• We’ve helped 430 vulnerable families, providing bespoke and intense support to help them tackle a wide range of issues from debt, substance abuse, to unemployment

• We’ve provided essential items such as clothing, school uniforms and Christmas toys to over 1,000 families

• 95% of children helped by Family Gateway say their circumstances have improved as a result

• 96% of parents we have supported have reported an improvement in life circumstances as a result

• 150 of the hardest to reach families and children have attended Family Gateway holiday activities and clubs

Donate to Our Charity

Our charity work is powered by the generosity of the North-East community.

Charity giving is one of the best ways you can help local people in need, so please make a donation to charity .

We also have a number of volunteering opportunities and are recruiting part-time, full-time, holiday and weekend volunteers to help us. If you’d like to find out more about how you can help, then get in touch today.

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