Donate to Family Gateway charity to support families in North and South Tyneside and Northumberland

Are you looking for a great local Charity to Donate to?

Would you like to make a difference to families in need in the North East by giving to charity or volunteering locally?

Then why not make it one of your 2018 goals to support Family Gateway, and help local children and families in Tyneside who are struggling with poverty and social disadvantage?

Making a donation to charity will help us to provide vital support to children who have had a tough start to life. Children who didn’t have a single present to unwrap on Christmas Day, and families for whom the New Year holds only worry and fear.

Children who see their mum or dad struggling with alcoholism, addiction, domestic violence or mental health issues.

Parents’ who can’t afford a school uniform for their child, who can’t get them to school, or who can’t even afford to turn the heating on tonight.

This is a reality for many of the children and families supported by Family Gateway. Families who, across North and South Tyneside and Northumberland, struggle with a wide range of devastating issues like addiction, abuse, unemployment, and debt.

Our support workers provide guidance, outreach and support, to help families to overcome the problems they face.

Rachel is one of the people supported by Family Gateway this year:

I was at rock bottom and probably close to dying when [a Family Gateway support worker] knocked on my door, but I would not let them in. She kept coming again and again until I caved in! Now I am so glad. I am an alcoholic and was in an abusive relationship. My son was scared to leave me alone resulting in his attendance at school dropping and this obviously affected his learning. My daughter had disowned me because of my drinking and I hadn’t seen my grandchildren for about a year.

“Family Gateway helped me to leave my abusive relationship and find temporary accommodation, eventually supporting me in being rehoused. They also have an exchange service and were able to provide me with furniture, white goods and household items. It has been extremely difficult and I have been hospitalised on a number of occasions.”

“My Family Gateway support worker has been there at all times of the day and night and this has enabled me to find the strength to reduce my drinking and attend a recovery programme. My confidence has improved and I feel a lot stronger. My daughter is now speaking to me again, I see my grandchildren regularly which is fantastic and my son is now achieving at school and had 100% attendance last term! Finally I can see that I do have a future.”

3 Ways to Donate to Charity

In 2018, we can transform the lives of people like Rachel, and help children and families living in poverty in the North East.

With charitable contributions from our supporters we can reach more local families and help them to overcome the challenges they face.

If you’d like to help, here are 3 ways you can make a difference to your local community:

1. Volunteering Opportunities

Have you ever thought about charity work or volunteering?

Charitable organisations rely on local volunteers and Family Gateway currently has opportunities across the North East and we need you!

We welcome all sorts of volunteers! Part-time, full-time, weekend, summer and school holiday volunteers. If you can help then we’d love to hear from you.

2. Giving to Charity

Could you help a child or family in need? Then visit our how to donate to Family Gateway page.

Every penny helps us to reach families and help them to build a better future.

Donate today and help us to break the cycle of poverty and change the futures of children and families in your community.

3. Donate Clothes or Toys

Having a clear out?

We urgently need charity clothing, toys and small household donations and other items.

Your used clothes, unwanted Christmas presents, household goods, or toys, can provide a lifeline to a family in the North East who are struggling to make-ends-meet and can’t afford to buy their own items.

To find out more and arrange to donate your household items or unwanted goods, please contact:

Your support can help us to change lives, Get in touch if you’d like to help or find out more about our charity.

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