Family Gateway has secured funding to expand Macmillan Families and Cancer Project into South East Northumberland

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Family Gateway has extended its partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support and has secured 2 years’ funding to expand its 2-year action research Cancer and Families project into South-east Northumberland.

The project already operates across North Tyneside and South Tyneside and works with families with children in disadvantaged communities who are struggling with a number of complex issues as well as trying to deal with the impact of a cancer diagnosis in the family.

Our Macmillan Family Entrepreneurs are local parents who themselves have experienced a range of multiple and complex needs and have also experienced cancer in their family. The project utilises their skills and experiences to support the whole family and make sure that children are protected as far as possible from the devastating impact that cancer can have on their emotional, educational and physical wellbeing.

The project is already seeing amazing outcomes and impact as we help parents to access appointments, understand their diagnosis and medication, get children to school and support them with homework, talk to children about illness and bereavement, understand the benefits they are entitled to and many other practical tasks as required.

As we expand into South-east Northumberland we are recruiting for a part-time Research and Operations Manager and 2 full-time Family Entrepreneurs to join the existing Macmillan Families and Cancer team. We are looking for local people who are passionate about improving life chances for children and families and who have experienced and overcome difficulties in their lives.

If you are interested in the Part-time Research and Operations Manager role, you can find more information here.

If you are interested in a Family Entrepreneur role or know of someone you could nominate for the role please contact our admin team for a job description and application form.

To contact Family Gateway with any questions about the programme or the jobs click here.

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