Introducing Cris, our new Community Enterprise Lead! She’s been with us since the beginning of October and hopes to make the Hub a welcoming, open environment for the local people.

What’s your role in the charity?
“I work with the enterprise side of Family Gateway, so I deal with the Howdelicious café, the Exchange charity shop, and Sparkles cleaning service. I’ll be in charge of the new pop-up shops after the renovation too, watch this space for that!”

What’s the best thing about working here so far?
“The best thing so far was the Sage Foundation day – I really enjoyed that. That was my first taste of the charity and what they do. Since then, it would be talking to the customers that are coming in. I’ve been seeing what they like about the centre, what they think can be improved, what we can introduce, and also what they feel the centre’s lost as well.”

Sage Foundation at Family Gateway

Sage Foundation at Family Gateway. Photo: @chrisgallonsage

Have you set yourself any goals?
“I hope to achieve a happy, safe place for people to visit and use. Somewhere people can come along and have a chat, take part in activities and feel welcome. I want to increase volunteers: we need them for the Exchange, the Howdelicious café, and for gardening!”

Cris has made an excellent addition to the team and has lots of plans – we hope you’ll feel free to pop in and have a chat with her in the Hub 😃

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