A Place to Call Home

Evaluation of Family Gateway pilot programme A Place to Call Home- Full report


This report examines the impact the Family Gateway pilot programme had on family relationships and the extent to which it prevented youth homelessness and supported young people if they became homeless.

In 2018-19 Sage Foundation funded Family Gateway to deliver an intervention to ten families to prevent at-risk young people from becoming homeless.

Family Gateway was selected due to the planned intervention embodying all elements of good practice. Family Gateway uses a ‘Barefoot Professional Model’ in which community members who have previously experienced similar issues as those they support are trained to deliver a programme of whole-family support. Family Gateway provides tailored support to individual families. This often involves linking families to a range of other services, and providing family mediation and one-to-one support for parents and young people to help repair family relationships. This aim, to improve family relationships, is achieved by both removing stressors such as housing insecurity or overcrowding, and by providing mediation. Therefore, this report measures the improvement in family relationships as a short-term outcome contributing towards the long-term goal of preventing homelessness.

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Posted on

May 13, 2021