Extending the Reach

EcorysUK Tyne Gateway – Extending the Reach Summary


This report analyses the data inputted by Tyne Gateway – Extending the Reach, and summarises the main findings.

The Tyne Gateway – Extending the Reach project produced some good improvements for the families involved in the project. Examining the data, particular areas of improvement include a decrease in problems with discipline and boundary setting by 84% for adults involved. An area of improvement for the children taking part was a reduction in the numbers of those with persistent disruptive including violent behaviour by 85%. Furthermore, 94% of families saw a decline in overcrowded living conditions.

The evaluation also measured changes in strengths. One area of success in this area was attending regular play sessions with the children, where 62% more adults indicated they had become involved compared with the beginning of the project. In addition, 86% more children were involved in local and community organisations . Finally there was a 68% increase in families participating regularly in family activities.

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Posted on

May 13, 2021