We have recently changed our charity name and re-branded which is a massive step for a relatively small organisation and as you can imagine the process was exhausting in terms of energy, creative thinking and compromise.

But why bother? What’s in a name? Everyone knows us as Tyne Gateway so why change?

Well the truth of the matter is that your name and brand defines you. As Tyne Gateway we could have been anything if you didn’t know us – a call centre, an agency, a bridge perhaps? But we are none of those things, we are a family and child poverty charity and how on earth does that name reflect that?

The move to Family Gateway, along with our amazing new logo, was something that was wholeheartedly supported by the Board as well as the internal staff and as with everything we do the brand was borne out of independent discussions with key workers and team members. The consultant we used was keen to get to the heart of our organisation and so the new logo reflects the G of Gateway whilst representing the spiralling up of communities and families as they grow through our support.

Coming up with a new name was as much of a challenge – how on earth do you describe an organisation that works with whole families and whole communities using local people, that develops new enterprises as routes to employment and that improves life chances for children? How do you come up with a name that is not so different from the current name that people no longer recognise us? Well in the end it was easy; we are all about whole family working and we are the gateway to accessing services and to a new and better life.

So Family Gateway it is and everyone is already adopting it even though the official name change won’t take place until April 2017.

We love it, the service users love it, funders love it and more importantly the name and the brand absolutely reflect who we are.

So new name, same amazing model and outcomes.

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